3D rendering and development

We have a rare constellation of 3D expertise that has breadth and depth to design and deliver anything from real-time 3D games and simulations to high-poly modelling and photorealistic product renderings. We have customers for who we have done product marketing materials over the years and are now producing AR and VR applications with the same assets.


Our 3D developers and artists integrate to our projects as needed. 3D development capabilities are core requirement as we move towards more immersive content and user experience with commodisation of XR devices.

Immersive internet is built from 3D assets and data

SAKO rifles are in fact mass-produced products, but the printed brochures and the web tables still didn’t reflect the reality butpresented them as simple products with few customization options. We partnered with SAKO to solve the frustration of sales-reps to present the choices and customers in trying to navigate the choices.

Both customers and sales benefit from the marketing potential of digital 3D assets. Product images are available quickly and with consistent high quality without physical studios and cameras.


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