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... not to mention meditative experiences

XR has deep roots in game development. Unity is originally a game engine, so is Unreal Engine, and together they effectively split the market for developing applications and authoring content for AR and VR. Gamified experiences are the norm for effective XR content.

Consumer adoption is slowly accelerating

New standalone VR headsets like Oculus GO are hitting the market at the price points most consumers are willing to spend for VR headsets (recent Arinsider study puts that price at $200). Oculus GO can be thought of as the first truly viable consumer device for VR, and the holiday buying season will show the direction for short term adoption rates.

If your target groups in communications or marketing represents significant portion of all consumers, it is worth considering if you should reach them through consumer VR marketplace like Oculus store. We are currently developing a meditative trekking experience for a large company that will showcase Finnish nature and communicate about responsible environment policies. The experience will be launched in Oculus store next spring.


Gamification goofball H1920
Goofball is our reliable XR buzz generator for tradeshows and events. It got over 1 000 engagements during its first ever two-day installation.

Gamified product marketing

Our product marketing partnership with Nokia has evolved over the years from HTML scripted product presentations to 3D Unity powered experiences. Once your assets are in Unity, it is a short leap to gamified VR and AR applications with the same data. This is why 3D assets and data are increasing in value as immersive technologies gain ground.

Benefits from gamification with AR and VR

  • XR tools have already sophisticated support for gamified interactions
  • Total immersion to content
  • Relatively low competition for VR audiences
  • Complements traditional communication channels
Gamification nokia formula 1
Interactive touch screen presentations using Unity 3D were developed for Nokia Mobile World Congress 2018.

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