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Immersive learning and coaching environments – farewell for stickies

New immersive tools for learning

There is no doubt that the biggest benefits from AR and VR technologies will be found from the physical industries. Yet, there are also huge opportunities for businesses with digitally delivered services- learning and coaching opportunities being one example.

Knowledge workers are used to workshop methods with whiteboards, stickies, posters and coffee. Familiar methods and environments risk killing creativity and dampening the learning experience by becoming too routinized. Emotional engagement helps learning new concepts and recalling them later.

Undivided attention of learners

XR makes training and change programs more engaging and effective than traditional methods. For introducing new processes and ways of working, why not experience them directly with the whole team? It is possible to visualize abstract processes by using metaphors from the real world. Invisible knowledge and value flows can be made visible, inputs and outputs manipulated, and scenarios tested. 

Companies operating in hazardous or dangerous spaces know that training in XR environments is sometimes the only way to go. Maintenance and malfunction scenarios can be trained safely with accurate digital twins of the machinery and the sites. Even if your company is not processing nuclear waste, you can reap the benefits of repeatability, undivided attention and economies of scale.

Benefits of learning with XR

  • Scalable with AI or scripted learning assistants
  • Saves time in physical setup and travelling
  • Fully controlled and repeatable experience
  • Repeatable and safe physical scenarios
  • Undivided attention of learners
  • Complements classroom and textbook learning

AR and VR learning complements classroom learning and textbooks

For intangible processes and products, multiuser XR learning is good for introducing new concepts or ways of working and kickstarting the transformation process. It complements the traditional textbook materials and workshops by enriching the learning experience. The immersive environments contextualize the learning material and help recall as in the Roman Rooms memory technique. The spaces can also work as role playing simulations for customer service or for situations between units or roles within the organization.

XR learning environments save time by cutting transportation and setup costs in and out of physical conference rooms. It might make economical sense to hire a high-profile trainer from a different country or make them available during one day for multiple session across your organization. It is possible to script an AI assistant to take the learners through the journey. This will make the experience fully scalable for large organizations.

We have partnered with a major ICT provider to build just that kind of multiuser training environment together for their pilot customers. Through the partnership our client will build up their knowledge and understanding of the VR learning ecosystem, and how they can leverage it for their own business. At the same time, we develop the initial delivery and support architecture for the multiuser VR service on top of their cloud infrastructure

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