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We are able to envision, design, develop, deploy and support online and application solutions for the age of immersive internet. We believe in fast throughput from design to deployment and tight full-service teams.

Service design and business development

Key for long partnerships is delivering clear business value consistently over time. It starts from understanding our customers business and market environment and how they create value. This is what we have done over the years, continuously improving current services and periodically taking on more consultative role and doing projects for discovering new opportunities.

We start from user needs and behavior, match it to our clients’ value proposition and then craft the user experience with our team of UX and graphic designers or 3D artists. We do short iterations starting from prototypes, make them continuously better, and deliver easy to use working services feature by feature. Service design know-how is essential for designing workable and valuable AR and VR applications.

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Market research tool Cambri has been one of our most complex business and service design projects.

Software development for web, mobile and XR

In the development of web applications, we invest in the iteration of solution models, the clarity of the end result and a superior user experience.

Our development process aims for a quick end result to ensure the success of your investment. Our speed is based on conjoined teams of developers and designers, ready implementation models and smooth cooperation with the customer.

We familiarise ourselves carefully with your business needs and technical requirements, which allows the design and development processes to proceed smoothly. We are able to implement the core functions of the application quickly – at best, within a week!

We have two ways of delivering projects. We can build a team to support your inhouse efforts and deliver the solution using your existing IT infrastructure, or we can use our own Wake Platform which is a cloud-based content management and development framework. We take full responsibility of recommending the right approach for your organisation and can mix-and-match the two methods as needed.

Onsite team

  • Onsite with your existing development team
  • Flexible workforce management
  • Full-control of development process
  • Complements seamlessly your ongoing IT operations

Wake Platform

  • Ready-made infrastructure and functionality
  • Full service from development to hosting
  • Ongoing monitoring and security updates included
  • No need for own IT services or deep procuring expertise
  • Full support and service desk
UPM Forest Life web experience and VR application. Wakeone built the website using Wake platform and continues to develop the site in collaboration with UPM and Valve.
Optofidelity XR headset testing software
OptoFidelity produces testing solution for virtual glasses. Wakeone developed the WMRH Test Application jointly with Optofidelity. It is available from the Microsoft Store. 

3D rendering and development

We have a rare constellation of 3D expertise that has breadth and depth to design and deliver anything from real-time 3D games and simulations to high-poly modelling and photorealistic product renderings. We have customers for who we have done product marketing materials over the years and are now producing AR and VR applications with the same assets.

Our 3D developers and artists integrate to our projects as needed. 3D development capabilities are core requirement as we move towards more immersive content and user experience with commodisation of XR devices.


Interior render 16 9
We help our customers with physical products by producing wide variety of outputs from 3D files and data.
Nokia server 16 9
We create pipelines from clients' CAD files to usable low and high-poly models.

Hosting and support

We have an inhouse support team for our software. We resolve issues and bugs with the development team and keep the services running, updated and secure. Depending on the architecture and nature of the support tasks, we can act in first or second level roles.

Wake platform services are robust, load balanced, highly available and scalable for any number of users. For physical XR installations that are not included in our cloud infrastructure, we rely on trusted third parties.

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