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Product development partnership with Cambri

Even good ideas need power of proof

Product development can be a frustrating journey in any organization. We know this from our own inhouse development, but also from consulting and concepting projects carried out for our long-time customers. New service ideas usually have many opponents, multiple ways to fail - but only a narrow path to success.

Piloting something quickly and failing fast is the preferred paradigm for finding potential products and learning about the market. But then, do you really know why you failed? No demand for the service, poor execution, or a wrong target group? What insight did you really get from the market, except that the customers didn't like what you proposed?

Multiply the speed and accuracy of concept development

These challenges for product developers were familiar to us, so it was natural to partner with marketing PhD Heli Holttinen on a new startup with an innovative service idea for early product & service development, Cambri. Coming back to the problems marketers face trying to make sense of a pilot failure, the current fail fast paradigm says that you can learn all this just by iterating more. The answer from the traditional product development world where Heli hails from, says that it's all solvable with a solid marketing research project that will take minimum of two months from planning to analysis.

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If your concept fails, you have saved yourself the piloting costs and know exactly why they failed: lack of demand or faulty execution.

Cambri solves this frustration by combining structured and uniform concept description with ready-made test questions, and integration to Dynata consumer panels globally. Any marketer can create professional concept descriptions, in order to receive valuable insights and KPIs for informed decision making. You can develop and test multiple product or service concepts in days instead of months. If they succeed, you can continue with a traditional process or refine with smaller pilots. If your concept fails, you have saved yourself the piloting costs and know exactly why they failed: lack of demand or faulty execution.

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Because the concept descriptions and questions are standardised, results can be reliably compared across concepts.

Starting from the initial high-level idea, Wakeone designed, branded and developed Cambri for a commercial launch. We continue to support and develop the service further with our growing customer base.

Cambri value for customers

  • Concept creation: sharper customer-driven ideas & improved concept creation skills 
  • Testing: fast results with a global reach
  • Pipeline: easy to prioritize & fail fast
  • Decision-making: same KPIs & full transparency
  • Cost savings: significantly cheaper than the traditional way or failing with rapid prototype

Cambri project

  • 15 paying pilot customers, large, international B2C goods and services companies
  • Over 50 demo accounts
  • Commercial launch at the end of 2018
  • Development time approx. 8 months
  • Developed and hosted on Wake platform

Unfortunately, Cambri wasn't ready for researching the market for itself! Heli knew the demand was there from her personal contacts and interviews with experienced concept testers: Finnish and global consumer goods companies. We did the initial pilot mock-up ourselves, and with that Heli was able to recruit several pilot costumers co-create Cambri with us: carry out the actual design and development with us. 

Our model of continuous development ensures that the roadmap will follow and respond to the objectives of our clients, considering both client corporations’ preferences and changes in the market.

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