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Product marketing with XR

Don't let complexity be an issue for your customers

Companies with physical products can get quick wins with XR technologies, especially if the product models and data are already in a digital format. Value of the 3D assets will increase in the near future as your customers acquire XR equipment. 3D data and models will then be the basic building blocks for new immersive services.

We can make buying simple for complex products

Complex physical products like laboratory equipment usually have complex configuration options and various ways to combine them to perform different tasks. With configuration done for our client, they can equip their laboratories for wide variety of diagnostic and analytic tasks. Configuration logic and possible combinations with their corresponding throughput rates and required manual work were implemented as REST APIs. These APIs could then be accessed from web applications and through dedicated AR and VR applications, which we also designed and implemented. Customers can start from their throughput needs, and the showroom will recommend the necessary equipment.

Product marketing nbs lab
Laboratory configurator for PerkinElmer suggests right mix of equipment for given disorders and sample amount.
Product marketing perkin ar 1920
Customers can get sense of scale of the equipment through the AR application.  

A similar scheme is used with SAKO and Tikka hunting rifles. SAKO is a traditional Finnish rifle manufacturer making high-end hunting rifles with thousands of different configuration options. SAKO rifles are in fact mass-produced products, but the printed brochures and the web tables still didn’t reflect the reality butpresented them as simple products with few customization options. We partnered with SAKO to solve the frustration of sales-reps to present the choices and customers in trying to navigate the choices.

Product marketing sako
Helping customers to find the right configuration option from thousands of options.  

Immersive internet is built from 3D assets and data

By bringing product configuration logic from the depths of ERPs or Excels online, and then combining that with 3D product data, our customers have made their internal processes easier and the buying experience drastically better for end users. Both customers and sales benefit from the marketing potential of digital 3D assets. Product images are available quickly and with consistent high quality without physical studios and cameras.

Both of these cases illustrate perfectly what the current trends in AR and VR technologies can do for companies with physical products. Starting from customer experience,we can help to optimize your sales and marketing process by taking away the pain from choosing among your product options. When buying is complex, those with simple solutions have an upper hand.

Benefits of product marketing in AR and VR

  • Clear presentation of product offering
  • Increased sales through easier interaction with customers
  • Increased sales through more understandable product ranges
  • Future proof digital 3D assets
  • Fast digital production pipeline for product photographs

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