Wake Platform

Wake Platform is our cloud-based solution for application development and centralized content management for multiple surfaces e.g. web pages, mobile applications, public displays and AR/VR applications. Wake is easy to extend with new modules and as an API based solution it can be integrated with external operational backend systems.

Beginning from its humble CMS roots from the 00's, Wake platform has evolved over the years to meet our clients changing business needs. It is again taking a new evolutionary leap to support the 3D data and processes required for fast development of connected AR and VR applications.

Platform components

  • Core, which stores all content
  • The Admin interface that edits content
  • One or more Applications which content is used through
  • Is provided as a SaaS service whereby the supplier is responsible for maintaining, operating and backing up the service.

Who is using it?

  • Sako and Tikka rifle configurators
  • Kiinteistömaailma real-estate listing and services
  • PerkinElmer lab equipment configurators
  • Cambri online market research software
Marketing research cloud application
Cambri uses Wake Platform to offer robust marketing research tool for wide variety of global brands.

Hosting and support

Wake platform -software license

  • Version and security updates for the platform
  • Functionality and features provided by the platform
  • New version of Wake is installed to servers every two weeks

Hosting and Infrastructure

  • Includes all servers and services required to run the supported application
  • These include but are not limited to: monitoring, network, data storage and transfer, backup and smtp -services
  • Hosted on Amazon EC2 and S3
  • Located in Ireland


  • Backups of files and database are stored daily to at least two different locations outside Amazon infrastructure
  • Incremental backups are stored for two weeks and weekly full backups are stored for six months.

Service Desk support

  • Wakeone Servicedesk provides support to named superusers during office hours via phone and email
  • Wake Platform maintenance and version update notifications
  • Different SLA models available by request
Kiinteistömaailma online service
Wake Platform integrates to Kiinteistömaailma ERP for agent information, house listings and many others making front-end development flexible. Kiinteistömaailma is Finland's third biggest listing service by active users, lagging only ad-driven media owned sites.

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