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The path towards launching new products and services is strewn with rocks, pitfalls and roots, on which an entire project can stumble. By contrast, the road to success is very narrow and often difficult to find. Cambri is a concept design and testing tool for the fast, precise and cost-efficient analysis of a product or service's prospects of succeeding on the market.

Concept design and testing are time-consuming and expensive. Concepts can fail dramatically during the launch phase, even when they cost a great deal of money and trouble to build. Heli Holttinen wanted to find an easier and cheaper way of designing and testing concepts. What if, instead of the 'failing fast' concept, failure could be eliminated altogether? The idea behind Cambri was born.

Agile development for fast implementation

The building of a completely new kind of tool began, in cooperation with Wakeone. The development phase kicked off in accordance with the principles of agile development. However, slavish adherence to sprint cycles was broken by suggestions from the three pilot customers (international, fast-moving consumer goods companies) and the need for version releases. Cambri progressed from the concept stage to a completed and fine-tuned gem of a design and testing tool in just eight months. The beta version was ready for release in June 2018 and the final version in November of the same year.

On the basis of the user's concept design, Cambri applies the best practices of design thinking and concept testing to direct question setting and target-group selection. Cambri, which is integrated with Dynata's panelist network, used a set of questions to evaluate the concept's viability on the basis of 60 million responses from a consumer panel.

Post-testing: into production or back to the drawing board

Both large international consumer companies and smaller, internationalising growth companies were quick to recognise the tool's potential. In just one year, Cambri has gained a firm foothold in concept testing at the different phases of the innovation process. Customers have tested their ideas in 15 markets, including China and the United States. There is no need for tailoring to different sectors: Cambri is as suitable for, say, the food industry as the financial sector.

"Cambri's uniqueness lies in the fact that it is not a market researchers' tool: it is a joint tool for entire design teams, with which they crystallise their ideas and test them on the desired target group. Use of Cambri does not require market research expertise, since the goal is to be extremely fast and intuitive. The tool can be used at different stages of the innovation process, from the preliminary, conceptual stage all the way to packaging design and the choice of creative directions", Heli Holttinen explains.

Testing of the product or service concept takes just a few days instead of months. If the developed concept fails at the testing stage, no money is used on an expensive product or service launch and the idea can be returned to the drawing board for improvement on the basis of feedback.

"Cambri helps companies to develop better concepts that benefit both businesses and end users", adds Holttinen.

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