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Checkout is a comprehensive Finnish payment transfer service which ensures smooth trade transactions by providing vendors with a wide selection of payment options for mobile and point-of-sale platforms. The services are currently used by more than 10,000 Finnish shops, and Checkout has already handled more than 12 million payment transactions. Checkout, which began its journey as a start-up, is now part of OP Group.

Online trade is increasing at a steady pace, and the most significant changes pertain to payment methods. People look for ease of use and mostly want to order their shoes and mobile phones quickly without scouring their drawers for passwords or codes. The extensive selection of payment methods offered by Checkout improves conversion and customer satisfaction by ensuring that a suitable payment option is always easily available. During the three-year cooperation project, Wakeone consultants worked as part of the OP team seeking to enhance the Finnish online payment model.

A critical part of the whole

Within three years, the majority of Checkout Finland’s internal and external elements were revamped and the entire product was updated comprehensively. The challenge was integrating Checkout with its start-up roots as part of OP and bringing the service in line with the high demands of the financial sector in terms of aspects such as reliability.

The payment service created by the collaboration provides easy-to-use payment methods for a variety of sales channels, making life easier for buyers and sellers alike.

“From OP’s perspective, Checkout is an important element of our comprehensive service model aimed at providing the best possible services to vendors in all areas from online trade and insurance arrangements to banking services,” summarizes Mika Turunen, Technical Manager of the Checkout service.

Wakeone’s consultants quickly became part of the OP team. Mutual trust was established swiftly, enabling any issues to be addressed directly. Looking back, it is a testament to the depth of the collaboration that it is difficult to discern the specific handiwork of the Wakeone consultants in the end result.

Reassuring approach and technical expertise

The aim of consultants is to make their efforts unnecessary. This means that they must efficiently share their knowledge and expertise.

“After a project like this, it is safe to say that the Wakeone team has excellent technical proficiency and the capacity to adopt new methods very quickly. Even though the Wakeone specialists know today what needs to be done tomorrow, I was particularly impressed by their ways of working, sharing information and integrating themselves into the work community.”

Turunen also praises Wakeone’s ability to assign the right people to each respective task.

“Wakeone never tried to sell people to us based on figures alone. Instead we were provided with top-tier expertise for real needs.”

When incorporating outside consultants in a team, personal chemistries play an important role. Everyone joined in the efforts as a unified team from the very start, and the seamless partnership is an excellent indication of Wakeone’s expertise.

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