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Wakeone is widely known for bringing digital services, AWS expertise and the best 3D talent in the business under one roof. Providing the best application and content services requires that successes are not one-offs but part of a continuum.

Our organizational culture contains the principle of conducting our work so well that we get to work for the same customer again. Following this principle has resulted in tremendously long customer relationships, and we are very likely to do business with a customer that comes to us today even five years on. Here we tell you more about our continuous services and Wakeone's way of handling long-term customerships.

The customer is always kept in the loop

Continuous services, which are the roaming grounds of service managers, contain both online services and AWS server environments, as well as everything from configurators to virtual spaces. The person fulfilling the role of service manager delves quite deep into the customer’s business operations, as the work rests on a sincere desire to put in an effort on behalf of the customer.

From the perspective of the service manager, managing the customer relationship means constant communication, regular meetings and listening to ideas and suggestions. An in-depth understanding of the customer's business and the special characteristics of their field of operations helps us serve them proactively while a genuine interest and desire to dedicate ourselves to the service deepens customer insight even further.

Jani Aaltonen has been involved in numerous projects as a service manager and received praise for his work and style across the board.

“The work of a service manager combines extensive experience with the ability to read the game. Everything stems from the fact that the customer's field of operation always has its own special characteristics, but the work is supported by tried-and-true methods and familiar tools that make everyday operations flow smoother and more productively for everyone.”

Building trust guarantees success. The work has taught Jani that speed is not everything.

“Time must be given to the thought process at both ends and you must not rush into matters that you yourself think are in need of development. The mere speed the tickets are processed in is no guarantee of customer satisfaction, but the work must also be of a high standard and consider the possible effects on the functionality of the customer’s service.”

The best-case scenario is a long, personal and close customer relationship.

“After a good start, a teaming up with the customer begins to occur, and it is nice to notice that the customer trusts you to get the job done smoothly.”

The process supports the service manager

A customer relationship also always involves software developers and designers, and the process is advanced as a team in close cooperation with the customer. Personnel turnover at Wakeone is low, but even personnel changes do not mean the end of the world as comprehensive documentation ensures that the necessary bits of information are stored and available to everyone in the team. In addition to the team, the work is supported by our process, the practices of which have been incorporated into our organizational culture.

The process is based on well-built infrastructure, but one of its crucial aspects is open and active communication with the customer. The customer is notified about everything, including version updates and maintenance of server environments. Being open towards the customer and providing enough notice is especially important when changes are made. In fact, Wakeone's continuous services have even navigated through corporate acquisitions with flying colours and without customer changes. Our process ensures that even large numbers of customers cannot shake the high quality of customer service that Wakeone is known for.

The entire process is also security audited by Cybervadis.

Kiinteistömaailma's apartment marketplace on Wakeone's platform

Judging by the number of sales, Kiinteistömaailma is the largest real estate brokerage chain in Finland. The 8 000 homes on display on the Kiinteistomaailma.fi online service are browsed by 450 000 monthly users and it is Finland's third largest apartment portal. The same service also includes internal tools intended for real estate agents.

“Our online service is an important sales channel for us, but it is also very significant for the Kiinteistömaailma brand as a whole. We want to offer a successful customer experience both online and face to face”, says Rikhard Sjöberg, Kiinteistömaailma's Development Manager of Digital Services.

Kiinteistömaailma has already been a customer of Wakeone for seven years. The website, published in 2014, received an updated look in conjunction with a brand renewal in 2019. Many other factors have also changed in the rapid development cycle of technology services, but the one constant has been cooperation.

“Wakeone works in a very solution-oriented manner, and they have not run out of expertise even when faced with wild ideas. The online service is built on Wakeone's own platform and the fact that they are operating on familiar ground is visible at our end especially as cost-effective continuous development.”

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